25 Before 25
  1. Learn to bake french macarons.
  2. Learn to make croquettes.
  3. Make marinara sauce, from scratch using fresh tomatoes.
  4. Read Little Women.
  5. Run at least one half marathon.
  6. Run at least one 10k.
  7. Meet at least one new blog friend in real life.
  8. Cook/bake 25 recipes that I've pinned to my Pinterest board. (24 of 25)
  9. Do one outfit post a month. (2 of 12)
  10. Buy a new purse. 
  11. Take a writing course.
  12. Spend 24 hours without my iPhone (aka shut off). 
  13. Go to another Yankees/Red Sox game.
  14. Plan a fun activity or date for M and I once a month. (12 of 12)
  15. Go on a vacation, even if just for a weekend.
  16. Sketch in my sketch book every day for a whole month.
  17. Go running, just because.
  18. Have a Taco Bell date night with M.
  19. Say no to something I don't want to do without feeling guilty.
  20. Go to church.
  21. Start a tradition with M.
  22. Submit 5 stories to Chicken Soup. (0 of 5)
  23. Take a Zumba class. 
  24. Fix something in the house. 
  25. Teach M something fun. 
24 Before 24
  1. Spend an entire day writing
  2. Ride a big roller coaster
  3. Tell M*** I love him
  4. Run a half marathon
  5. Run a 10k
  6. Audition for spinning instruction again
  7. Learn to cook buffalo chicken
  8. Make a donation to SADS Foundation
  9. Go to a Yankees/Red Sox game
  10. Read a book of poetry in Italian
  11. Take a Bikram Yoga class
  12. Go to shooting range
  13. Try tuna fish, fluff, oysters on the half shell
  14. Continue to work on my writing
  15. Go camping (I'm counting the Maine weekend since I didn't shower.)
  16. Start blogging again
  17. Pick hyacinths from the garden and bring them to work
  18. Send one snail mail per month (Sent 12 of 12)
  19. Play tennis with M
  20. Watch The Goonies and Top Gun
  21. Bring back a souvenir for M from Europe
  22. Visit Washington, DC (to see N******) (can't complete because she moved)
  23. Submit 3 stories to Chicken Soup (Submitted 3 of 3)
  24. Enter a writing contest
  25. Make list of 25 before 25
23 Before 23
  1. Work on Remember to Say Thank You
  2. Visit the Guggenheim
  3. Visit St. Louis (Anne, specifically)
  4. Learn to cook Scallops
  5. Create Amanda’s Sunday Gravy 
  6. Become a certified spin instructor
  7. Buy my first car!
  8. Call the S**** family 
  9. Spend an entire day writing 
  10. Bring Winston to work
  11. Get a *****, (*** * *****)
  12. Launch (in design to be launched)
  13. Try a martini
  14. Go to a NY Ranger game (2/27/11)
  15. Give up Diet Coke for a month
  16. Read The Little Prince
  17. Paint my room 
  18. Redecorate my bedroom
  19. Ride a big roller coaster
  20. Take a hot yoga class.
  21. Take Ballet class.
  22. Submit a 3rd story to Chicken Soup.
  23. Make list of 24 before 24.
  24. Throw a cocktail party for close friends, with favors, to celebrate 23! at home. (4/16/11)
  25. Ran first half marathon
  26. Got the best boyfriend in the world
  27. Got a job
  28. Graduated with honors
  29. Got published in a second Chicken Soup book (12/29/11)
  30. Visited Regis in Philly 
Key to the lists -
  • If the item is crossed out, it has been completed!
  • You can click on some of the items that I've blogged about.
  • I moved some of the incomplete items from my 23 list to my 24 list.
  • My birthday is April 8th!