Hi, I'm Amanda, the face and voice behind Amanda Romaniello Blogs. Welcome to my blog! I began writing here in April of 2011 and couldn't seem to stop. The blog was born when my boyfriend, M, encouraged me to begin blogging again as a way to write more often. Originally this blog was called "Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures," but I thought I would simplify to my new name. You can read the story of how the former name came to be here!

Since I first began writing in my small space of the world wide web, I've learned a lot about myself.  I have had some incredibly happy and exciting moments and also some of life's worst moments. I try to be candid in my writing, but still find I have a slight filter between the real world and my blog world. I share my struggles and achievements with running races. I used to cross silly, and challenging, items off my lists all to be completed before my next birthday. And I spend tons of time whipping up new recipes in the kitchen, however I fail to post them all on the blog.

I'm currently living blissfully in sin with M in Connecticut after doing over a year of being in a long distance relationship. (As of January 2015, we've been dating four whole years.) You can read our about our long distance here, when the distance ended, and what being in a long distance relationship taught me. M is not only my prince charming, but my best friend, and I'm extremely grateful for him. And for someone who loves reading other people's love stories, I'm still working on compiling mine on the blog, but you can check out these posts to start.

I feel extremely grateful for the life I'm living, and I enjoy reading your blogs, so if you're new, introduce yourself, and I'll come say hello! You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!