Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, What a Year

Sitting down to right this post has been daunting, almost overwhelming. There were some really high highs and even worse low lows. But I'm excited for 2013 knowing how great this past year has been for me. And 13 is a lucky number for this girl!

We rang in the New Year with family and friends.

My Christmas wish came true, just a little bit late, but it ended the long distance!

Flew to Nashville to run with and finally meet Christin! (Already planning another race to run together, if you're not already guessing that...)

Then I started freelance writing for HooplaHa.

M surprised me with an awesome birthday gift to go see Newsies.

And I bonded with Ruthie in NYC, who I can't wait to go see in Texas in 2013!

Had a massive blogger date with no sleep 'til Brooklyn with Neely, Meghan and more!

After that came a move less than 2 miles away.

Oh and we became furry parents to mister Louie. Look how he's grown!

C became Mrs. Buzz.

Ruthie was on TV!

We traveled to Maine, twice.

Then part of my heart went to heaven with Grandpa.

We celebrated the big 2-5 for M with fun activities.

And one of my best friends got engaged!

I said goodbye to one job and hello to my dream job.

My little sister turned 21, finally!

We visited friends in DC.

J &K came to visit CT!

I met BSK in real life, too!

And we celebrated a very happy Christmas filled with lots of love and appreciation.

I can't really believe how another year has come and gone. Although it's been an emotional roller coaster of a year, I know that 2013 is sure to be an even better one. On top of all of life's tough and happy times, I conquered two more half marathons, coped with loss and grew as a person. I'm so grateful for this amazing life, and I can't wait for another year to come.



Adam said...

Wow Louie did grow up a lot.

Elizabeth said...

This has been such a great year for you! I hope 2013 is even better!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Happy New Year's Amanda!!!

Val said...

I hope you had a wonderful New Years and cheers to 2013!!!

Molly Jac said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Look how grown up Mr. Louie looks! He is so handsome!

DWei said...

Quite the exciting year! I wish my life was eventful as yours. :P

Claire said...

What a great way to look back at the year! Thank goodness for blogs (when I actually do blog) so that I don't have to remember it all! Cheers to 2013!

The Sweet Life said...

Sounds like a great year. Yah for your dream job, new roommate, and your furbaby

Christy said...

Aww I'm so glad you had such a great year! Here's to an amazing 2013!

Ruthie Hart said...

2012 was AWESOME because I got to hug your neck! And I will do it again in 2013!! Love you!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

So much fun this year! I hope your 2013 is even better! Especially since 13 is a lucky number for you! :)

Marjorie said...

what a great year. hope this year is even better :)

Janna Renee said...

I am so happy that I got to be friends with you ALL through 2012! I'm glad it was such a great year for you!