Monday, November 12, 2012

Meet Mr. Draper...the Fish

The weekend seemed to fly by, like most weekends do, but I don't really mind since we were able to relax, catch up on sleep, and just enjoy each other's company. I have to admit though that there were several highs and lows to the weekend.

- Crossing off so much on my work to-do list
- A fantastic dinner at The Goose with N and M
- The start of the weekend, of course!

- Being overtired and super cranky, so going to bed at 9:30

- Getting to sleep in and M bringing me Starbucks
- Going to the gym for the first time in months for a 15 mile bike ride
- Took Louie to the dog park to get him tired out
- Syracuse beating Louisville for homecoming! (Sorry, Ashley!)
- Made some fast cash babysitting the cutest little one-year-old
- Broke 10,000 words with NaNoWriMo

- Realizing how terribly out of shape I am
- Not getting to spend Saturday evening on the couch with M
- Alabama losing

- Spending the morning at another dog park watching Louie play
- Meal-planning for the week
- Baking Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies (and eating the dough)
- M being the best and buying me a new fish to cheer me up, cue Mr. Draper

- Andy dying. R.I.P. little Andy Pettitte. You had a good 3 years! (Yes, I cried...a lot.)
- Spending all my cash already on groceries

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. We almost got red-bellied toads, but we don't really have the space for a tank, nor do I want to commit to having to buy crickets every week. So instead, we got another male Betta fish. He already seems like a wonderful addition to our household.



Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Good job on the novel writing!

Natalie said...

Now that's a jam packed weekend! Glad you got to go work out :) And sounds like Louie had a good weekend!

Brooke Houston said...

Welcome to your new fishie, Mr. Draper!

femmefrugality said...

Aw, so sorry about Andy! Congrats on breaking 10k words, though! I used to have red-bellied toads. I wouldn't do it again. Getting the crickets in there in proper rations was too much of a pain. Beta fish rock!

Krista said...

Sorry for the loss of Andy. Sounds like you had some other highlights to help lift your spirits which is good. And Mr. Draper is a cutie, I have a beta in my office at work, his name is Mikey :)

Lauren said...

glad you got so much done this weekend!!!

Whitney said...

dont worry - as soon as we get to run again, we'll get back in shape right away. it comes back quickly!

meg said...

Your weekend sounds packed! Your fish's name reminded me of Ruthie Draper from the movie Dan in Real Life - have you ever seen that movie??

Meghan said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend! I love Mr. Draper - so cute!

Adam said...

Nice betta, I got a female one at home.

Deidre said...

Aw, I had a beta fish once too - but my roommate took the fish for the summer (because I had cats and was pretty sure my cats would eat the fish), and she killed him :(

Jenny said...

You had a busy but productive weekend!

Love betta fish, we have one too! Weenie...named by the the 4 year old.

Cookie dough...yum!

Ruthie Hart said...

yay for going to the gym for the first time in a while! how do ya feel??? And I bought a beta fish for an old boyfriend and I think we were doomed from the start bc we filled the water too high and the fish committed suicide by jumping out!!!