Thursday, September 6, 2012

August Accomplishments


What the heck? August is over. September is here. Where does the time go?  I spent half of August relaxing, cleaning, decorating, and mentally prepping to start a new job. Now that September is here, I want to check out what progress I did (or didn't) make within the month. I'm linking up with MeghanLoriMeghan, and Whitney again to share what I've accomplished for the month. Here are my posts for JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJune, July, and the year.

  • Be happy. Done and done. Extended time off, plus finally cleaning the apartment? Hells yes, I'm happy. 
  • Relax more. Does sitting on the couch for hours watching Food Network and Friends count as relaxing? I think so!
  • Write. Still a contributing writer for HooplaHa, but I'm also starting to do a lot more personal writing and brainstorming. 
  • Read at least one book a month. (I read 2: Everything Happens for a Reason and One Thousand Gifts.)
  • Cook a new recipe once a month. (Cucumber & Tomato Salad, Short-cut Meat Sauce)
  • No shop months. Ha! I've completely lost count of this, plus have shopped a lot...mostly for apartment things, but I did purchase myself a new bikini.
  • Give once a month. I donated money to some of the causes at the checkout in stores again.  
I think now that Fall is here, I'm a little more motivated. It's a new school year for some, but it's a fresh start for me...with the new job and all. I love it! I think the main thing I want to focus on is getting back to the "real me" of blogging. I haven't talked about fun activities in far too long...



Tesha Vann said...

Sounds like a fun and productive month. Can't wait to hear more about the new role!

Natalie said...

You were productive! And can't wait to hear more about your new job!

ashlyn williams said...

so proud of you for such a productive month! i need to sit down & relax more often & wish i had time to catch up on books!

hope you continue to stay motivated love!


Lauren said...

what a productive month!! in tried a no clothes month and it worked! but a no "stuff for my apartment month"...I don't know if I could handle it!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Sounds like you accomplished a lot this past month! Way to go! :)

Sarah said...

Great job accomplishing your goals! That always feels nice :)

You said you're doing more personal writing and brainstorming...if you don't mind me asking, are you wanting to write a book?

I think you should :)

erica said...

What a productive month you had! xo

DWei said...

Yeah... no shopping is hard. I'm constantly finding things online to buy...