Monday, June 18, 2012

Love and Sangria

What a weekend! M and I were so exhausted last night that we were in bed by 10PM. It would have been sooner, but we were celebrating Father's Day by watching his gift for the holiday that Louie got him... 101 Dalmatians (the original). Now be prepared for lots of photos, even though I didn't take nearly as many as I would have liked.

Friday night we headed up to a gorgeous restaurant for my aunt's retirement party. It was a beautiful night and lots of celebrating the 42 years my aunt (who is also my godmother) worked at her company.
M & I
Little sister and I
The whole family...if only Dad was looking at the camera
Saturday, I got up early for boot camp, ran some errands, showered, and we were off to the Cape. Only 3.5 hours later we decided on Wendy's for a pre-wedding snack (and for me to put on my dress and makeup). The ceremony was super short, which I loved, and the bride and groom were picture perfect.
Bride and groom - they were speed walking, so it came out super blurry
M and I headed to our motel to check-in before we were off to the reception. The venue was absolutely stunning, but again, I didn't really take that many pictures.
What we looked out on
Best friends enjoying the view before the bar opened
M and I 
"Doing something romantic" - he picked me up
Standard sillyness - dress from Ann Taylor circa 2004 (my sweet 16 dress)
We drank, we ate, we danced. It was an absolutely beautiful and fun wedding! Next year, we'll be going to three, which I'm sure will be just as fun!

Sunday we got up pretty early to shower and head to M's parents' house to wish his dad a happy Father's day! Then we were on the road again for another 3.5 hours or so. Both of us were definitely overtired, but we needed to get back to our pup and to have dinner with my parents and sister for Father's day.

I hope you all had a great weekend! We certainly did!


Amanda said...

How fun!! Amanda you look stunning in both of those dresses! Love love the "doing something romantic" pic :) haha. xoxo happy monday!

Adam said...

Reminds me of the new camera I bought, everything needs a 2nd safety shot since it can easily turn blurry. My older camera never had that problem.

looks like a fun time though

Olga said...

Such cute pictures! I wish I knew someone who was getting married!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

You and your family are BEAUTIFUL!!

Love the photos of you and M, you two make a perfect couple :)

Jenny said...

I am exhausted just reading it! Sounds like a great weekend though!

Love the fun pics!

Lauren said...

LOVE your dresses at both events. i like your simple, classic style...very cute.

Krista said...

I love both of your dresses! You pretty girl you :) And the fact that you fit in your sweet 16 dress like nothing ever changed is awesome. You and M are so sweet, love that you have pictures of the two of you like that, you will love looking back on them one day!

Carrie {Living It Up in U.P.} said...

You and M look so cute together! I really love your dresses, especially the bright pink one!

Ruthie Hart said...

1. your dad is so cute hahah
2. um that hotel! WHAT?! It looks straight out of a movie!
3. You have gorgeous clothes
4. You and M are adorbs!!!!!!!!!

Amy Powell said...

oh I love your pink dress! that's simply stunning. looks like a great weekend :)

poptartyogini said...

The Cape. That is just so cool sounding. I've got to visit new England sometime. You two look beautiful. I'm so glad you had fun!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

LOVEEE that fuchsia colored look so pretty!
AND the tittle of this post = BEST EVER.
Let's be serious.

:) xo

The Sweet Life said...

Cape Cod? I've always wanted to go there. Gorgeous pics and you look beautiful, as always! I love that Louie got M 101 Dalmations. Adorable!!!

Megan said...

You are adorable! Love your pink dress!! Looks like a fun weekend!

Brooke Houston said...

I love your pink dress! Very cute! Looks like your weekend was filled with great times! Have a good rest of your week!

Matt said...

Wow looks like a lot of fun! You guys look great :)

Brittany said...

You guys look super gorgeous together!

Natalie said...

Loving your dresses! Sounds like a fun but busy weekend. You guys take such cute photos together!

Jax said...

You all look great!! I really love the cobalt blue dress. Such a great color ;)

Leigh said...

LOVE both of your dresses! Looks like such a gorgeous spot for a wedding too :)

AlliFerg said...

Another circa "when I was 16" item. Way to go, I am so impressed! :)