Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meg says Egg Nog All the Way!

How's everyone doing? Enjoying some holiday drinks? I certainly have enjoyed a couple gingerbread lattes myself this season (even before Thanksgiving)! I have Meg here sharing about her love of eggnog during the holiday season. Enjoy!

Hi Simple Girl, Simple Pleasure readers! My name is Meg and I write henning love.
Ok I will forewarn you right now, I have a big eggnog addiction, huge, simply huge! And if any of you choose not to be my friend anymore because of this gigantic secret I hold,  I totally understand ;-). 

Amanda asked me to write about my favorite holiday drink and no second thought about it at all, it is hands down eggnog. Eggnog all the way for me baby! It is the delicious drink that so easily glides down my throat filling up my belly and making it oh-so happy. It not only fills up my belly but then it fills out my hips and thighs.

I love eggnog straight from the carton or poured into a glass. I love the store bought eggnog, please don't give me that canned stuff or the homemade stuff by my sometimes makes, that doesn't cut it for me.
Ask my freshman year roommate, Jocelyn, how much I love eggnog and I think she can answer for you in the numbers of cartons I bought the first Christmas we were roommates. The number is pretty embarrassing!

I love my eggnog in the form of a latte, Starbucks is the best! I love my eggnog in the form of ice cream. I love my eggnog in the form of cheesecake, oh that might be a blog post! Sometimes if I can get to my Starbucks, I will pour eggnog into my morning coffee instead of creamer. But I always buy the Coffeemate creamer, eggnog flavored!

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Why do I love eggnog so much? I think it is the creaminess of the drink, the thickness of it, and the nutmeggy hints sprinkled throughout!
One thing I need to do during one Christmas season is do an eggnog taste test. There are so many store brands that I need to find the best one! 
Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Do you know all the amazing things you can make from eggnog?
Here is a list for you!

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Honestly though, nothing makes me more happier than a simple glass of this deliciousness that is eggnog, which I wait all year for and savor each yummy drip!

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Maybe I have grossed some of you out, sorry, if I did, but I can't help it, this drink is just amazing to me. Thanks Amanda for letting me guest post for you today. I hope you are having an amazing time in Europe!


Thanks again, Meg! My love for egg nog isn't quite like yours, but I can relate since my dad loves it so much!

P.S. The alignment on this is a little wonky, and even with editing the html, I still couldn't fix it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tis the Season for Allie's Favorite Dessert

I think my sweet tooth has grown even bigger after reading about this dessert, so without further ado, I have the wonderful Allie here to share her favorite holiday dessert!


Hello to all you Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures readers!  My name is Allie and I blog over at Sundresses and Smiles.

Amanda is one of my good blog friends, so when she asked me to post I was flattered.  I hate to admit it, but my blog has been quite neglected as of late, because I have been so busy, but I am glad to share my writing and a delicious recipe with some fresh faces here!

Amanda asked me to post with a favorite holiday recipe and because my post was due to her on Thanksgiving Eve, I thought it appropriate to share my annual Thanksgiving dessert:  French Silk Pie.

This recipe is not only DELICIOUS, but EASY as well!
Thanksgiving 2009

1/2 cup butter
3/4 cup sugar
1 Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate Square
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
Baked pie shell


1.  Cream butter and sugar with beater until light and fluffy

2.  Melt Baker's chocolate square and blend into creamed mix

3.  Add one teaspoon vanilla to mix

4.  Add one egg, beating it for five minutes

5.  Add second egg, beating it for five more minutes

6.  Put into baked pie shell and chill in fridge for 2 hours

7.  ENJOY!

Do you like French Silk Pie?  What are your favorite holiday desserts?
Thanks again to sweet Amanda for having me guest post and if you have a second, stop by my blog here and say hi!
Have a great day!


Thanks again, Allie! I hope you all enjoyed this recipe as much as I did!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fa La La in Christin's World

Helllooooo from Paris (well, not really, but I'll be in Paris while you're reading this)!! Today, I have Christin of A Classy, Southern Wife sharing her favorite holiday music. I've been reading Christin's blog pre-marital bliss, and our love of wine and running has formed a true long-distance friendship. Hopefully we'll meet in real life one day!
          Since holiday season is now in full swing, I thought why not start the week off with some holiday tunes! Sing it for me, Chrstin!


One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the music, so I’m guest-posting for Amanda sharing some of my favorites with you!  Honestly, Christmas is one of those times to let my inner nerd shine. I have to say almost all of my favorite Christmas albums are by classical singers. Don’t judge. Something about listening to incredibly talented artists sing my Christmas favorites gives me goosebumps.
My all-time favorite (don’t laugh) is Charlotte Church’s album Dream a Dream. It may be the classical singer in me or maybe just the fact that this girl’s pipes are incredible, but I’m obsessed with this album. I could belt it out for hours.
Another super talented singer whose Christmas album I LOVE is Josh Groban’s Noel. He could sing me to sleep every night.
I also love any of the Celtic Woman’s Christmas songs. Those women seriously give me chills and listening to them (usually on the public old-people TV channel… I know. Nerdy.) by the fire really puts me in the Christmas Spirit.  No Christmas music list of mine is complete without Mr. Buble. He’s right up there with Josh Groban in my book.
And, now you’re really going to laugh, to round out my list of top 5 Christmas albums, I have to put the King on there. As in Elvis. Yep, his Christmas album. I live in Memphis and love me some Elvis, so of course he’s going to make my list.
If I haven’t completely creeped you out with my nerdy Christmas playlist, be sure to stop by my blog and say hi!


Not to peer pressure you all or anything, but you should definitely go say hi!
Thanks again, Christin!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christy the Grinch, except She's Not a Grinch At All

Good morning my fabulous blogging friends! How's everyone's holiday season going? Still full from Thanksgiving? I hope not! Anyways, today, I have Christy sharing her favorite holiday traditions... Read on to find out why she really didn't want to post about this topic.


Hi! I'm Christy from 25 Before 25 where I blog about my progress of
checking things off my list of things to do before I turn 25. My blog is
a mix of running, cooking, traveling and a random mix of things!

When Amanda asked me to write a guest post on my favorite holiday
traditions, I have to say I dreaded it and contemplated asking her to
give me another topic, See, when it comes to the holidays, I'm a total
Grinch. I'm that person that just tries to get through the holidays
rather than stopping to enjoy them.

Don't get me wrong, there are things I love about the holidays...I have
my favorite Christmas songs and Christmas markets are my favorite thing
in the world. But everything else about the holidays is kind of tough.
I'm a middle child of 7 with divorced parents meaning I've never spent a
holiday with my entire family and know that I never will. Christmas
mornings for me were usually spent opening presents and jetting to the
airport so I could fly half way across the country to one or the other
parents house. I always had the horribly mixed feelings of being really
excited to go see Mom or Dad and really guilty about being so excited
and leaving the other parent behind.

Needless to say, the holidays haven't always been easy for me but every
year, I try and do something to try and enjoy them rather than just "get
through" them.

In terms of tradition, my family just kind of goes with the flow. My mom
was born in the Dominican Republic so traditionally, we celebrate
Christmas on Noche Buena (literally the Good Night), or Christmas Eve.
We eat roast pork for dinner and flan for dessert. We drink Brugal
(Dominican rum) for cocktails and sparkling cider for the kids. And even
though we're all well into our 20s now, my cousins and I still line up
our glasses of Martinelli's cider side by side to make sure no one is
getting any more than anyone else. After dinner and dessert, we crank up
the Christmas music, or if we've had enough to drink, the merengue and
dance the night away before opening presents (more for the sake of my
nieces than anyone) in ascending order of youngest to oldest, with
someone always getting to play Santa and handing out the presents.

After the kids fall asleep, everyone slowly starts to stumble out and
more recently, I've started going to Midnight Mass with my mom, my
boyfriend and his dad.

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays, is visit the
holiday markets in Union Square and Bryant Park (New York City) and,
when I lived in London, in Trafalgar Square. There's just something
about holiday markets that is absolutely magical.


My mom and I have this Christmas CD (A Very Special Christmas 2) that
we've been listening to to put up the tree every year for as long as I
can remember. It isn't officially Christmas until I've heard that CD
come on.


And one thing I absolutely love is how my dad tried to keep us kids believing in Santa Claus for as long as humanly possible.

You know, writing this post has made me realize a lot about the
holidays...that even though I've said we don't have traditions, we
actually do. This year, my goal is to listen to a lot of Christmas
music, eat a lot of cookies and make the most of the holidays, because
what else can you do?

I hope Amanda is having a fabulous time in Paris and Madrid (and scoping
out the marathon course in Madrid since I'll be running it in April!).
And I hope all of you have a wonderful, happy holiday making the most of
all of your traditions.

Lots of love,

Thanks again, Christy for sharing this with us! I can't wait until I get back to share all about the marathon course (if I can figure it out) for you! 


Friday, November 25, 2011

Neely's "Black Friday" Shopping...or Lack Thereof

I'm in Paris? I'm in Paris! You'll all barely be awake from yesterday's food comas, or you're out shopping for great deals, while I'm probably eating my way around Paris. Today, I have Neely of A Complete Waste of Makeup posting since I'm currently overseas. I heart her because she makes me laugh (and hosts awesome link-ups!). Since today is "Black Friday," I asked Neely to share a "Black Friday" shopping story (or lack thereof...). Are you ready for this?!


Hey Amanda's readers! My name is Neely, and for those of you who don't know me, well, I'm fabulous :) haha. Also, I blog over at A Complete Waste of Makeup, and I tweet like it's my job. I am a big drinker of non-fat lattes and wine. I love peanut butter, goldfish crackers, and anything Annie's. I'm pretty sure the invention of the iPhone both ruined and made my life better. I have the most amazeballs people in my life. 
I was so honored when sweet Amanda asked me to guest post for her. I love her to pieces. She leaves the sweetest comments and never has Twitter drama. She's my kinda girl!

So Amanda wanted me to talk about "Black Friday." 
Oh "Black Friday," you silly little witch! Let me preface this by saying 2 things: 
1. I am not one of those people who gets up at midnight or 3AM to head to Target, Kohl's, etc. to get the crazy early deals and punch old women down trying to get that last Cuisinart blender. Not my thing at all. Considering I usually spend Thanksgiving drinking my weight in wine, I would probably still be drunk at 3AM. 
2. I am a big lover of online shopping. 

I hope I do not insult people when I say this, but seriously I don't get the appeal of the early morning shopping. I value sleep and time over money. IMO. 

Also, explain to me the deals? Are they really that good? I mean a friend of mine found a stand mixer for like $150, but she already had one. I feel like the "deals" are never things you actually want or need. I tend to buy things when I want them, I'm terrible at waiting for deals. Granted when I do see a deal, I snatch it up. 

Anywho, I digress....2 years ago, the boyfriend and I went to Target in the afternoon on "Black Friday" to get tree decorations. I saw that all the seasons of Sex and the City were on DVD for 5 dollars. I bought them. I already had them, so I decided to sell them on eBay. I made a $50 profit. WIN. Last year, we went to Banana Republic at one of our smaller malls. I bought a scarf. 

I just never really got into the day after Thanksgiving thing. I try to steer clear of crowds at all costs as I get very claustrophobic. BUT....

Cyber Monday. Thats my cup of tea. I will get my butt up early, lay in bed with my Starbucks and laptop, and scower the net for the greatest deals around! Oh you don't believe me.....
Yes friends, Cyber Monday is where it's at. Just remember, when you are waking up at 3 AM, still a little drunk, a little full, and ready to punch a b!tc^ for swiping that last Harry Potter Blu Ray that you can save yourself a lot of waiting til Monday :)

You should come check out my blog....mmmk thanks!


Yup, Neely is fabulous. Thanks for guest posting! And I hope everyone enjoys their "Black Friday" whether they are out shopping...or not.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day! I hope everyone has a wonderful, love-filled day and feels especially grateful! I am feeling unbelievably full of appreciation this year because I'm so thankful for all the wonderful things that have happened and how much love I am both giving and receiving. Have a happy holiday!

P.S. Go wish Megan a very happy birthday!
P.P.S. I leave for Europe tonight! You can follow my tweets here (@ARomaniello)!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Day Pinterests

Because tomorrow is t-gives, I thought I would put up some of the Thanksgiving-related pins that I have pinned recently. I am linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple for "Oh How Pinteresting" Wednesday.
Pinned Image
Source: homemade by jill via Pinterest
thanksgiving sign
Source: Etsy via Pinterest
cute fall cookies
Source: HGTV Blog via Pinterest
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Source: 5 Orange Potatoes via Pinterest

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yea, M can cook...real good

The past few days I've been floating on a cloud having my partner in crime constantly around, so it figures that today, I simply couldn't stop crying...
Last night, I was giddy with excitement leaving the office. M was cooking me dinner (well, us)!  He started us off with some good wine (yes, we polished off not one, but two bottles together)...
And when he mentioned an appetizer,
I turned around to find a fresh caprese salad for us to share!
Then we enjoyed one of the best meat sauces this Italian has ever had with rigatoni. And there's not one lick of Italian in my handsome man.
For dessert, he picked up some frozen key lime pie, that was surprisingly good considering it was frozen.
I feel so lucky and super grateful to have this amazing guy in my life. I love him so much (and he loves me too). Sitting on the couch without him seems strange now, so another countdown begins until I get to be near him again.

Viva Las...Europa?!

Okay, okay! So I guess I didn't tell you all that I was going to Europe...oops? Well, my younger sister is currently studying abroad there, so we planned a family vacation way back in the spring once we knew what her schedule would be. So where are we headed?

First stop:
Pinned Image
via Pinterest

Second stop:
Pinned Image
via Pinterest
We leave on Thanksgiving night (and my parents are still hosting Thanksgiving anyways) and come home the following Friday, December 2nd. I have some fabulous guest posters lined up, so there won't be any lull in blogging here. I'm going to have service/internet because I got the iPhone 4S with world capabilities, so I won't be completely out of the loop. Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@ARomaniello)!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun with My Phone Monday!

I'm linking up with Savanah for the first time for "Fun with Our Phones" Monday because recently I have been taking an obscene amount of pictures on my phone and thought it would be a good idea to share the pictures this way...

 The first meal I cooked in the new house (tofu, mushrooms, and shells in a white wine sauce).
 Thai food on a Thursday night with some vino...
 Christmas lights already up in the office park.
 Figaro getting a little too big to fit in his favorite box.
 My new fuzzy bathrobe from Target that I got when winning a Target gift card from Amy!
 Winston sitting in Dad's chair.
 The hat that I really want from Kate Spade. Crossing my fingers it goes on sale after the holidays!
The "Amanda Pizza" for dinner on Saturday night.

How was everyone's weekend?