Friday, May 13, 2011

Five on Friday

I'm skipping out on Foodie and/or Flashback Friday today. Instead, I'm going to share 5 facts about me. Ready?

1. Tomorrow is one of my best friend's birthdays! Unfortunately, she lives out in St. Louis, so we can't celebrate together, but I love and miss her lots!
On her birthday (which happened to be our senior prom) 5/14/2006
2. I officially consider myself addicted to Blogger. Since I first turned on my computer this morning, I haven't been able to access my dashboard, which meant no writing, and more importantly, no reading my favorite blogs!

3. I am crazy in love with M! And I can't wait to see him tonight.
M and I on my birthday (I have this as one of the many pictures hanging in my office)
4. Friday the 13th usually brings me very good luck and great things happen, so I can't wait to fill you in on what happens today/tonight.

5. I have a dog named Winston. (I've mentioned we have lots of pets: 1 dog, 3 cats, and 1 fish). Winston is very "strong-willed" and has zero sense of direction, but I still love him lots. He's about 8 years old and is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
Winston with a dog bone (he likes to carry them around, and it looks like he has a cigar)
Happy Friday everyone!


Natalie said...

Aww such a cute pic of you and your boy! Hope you have a lucky Friday the 13th!

safire said...

I hope to own a corgi some day because it reminds me of me. Short with short legs lol! Your dog is so precious!

I felt withdrawal when blogger was down since Thursday afternoon! SO DITTO TO 2!

Have a lovely weekend. You look beautiful in your pictures!

Megan said...

Fun facts! Hope you have been having a wonderful Friday the 13th!

And yes, I'm mad at blogger too!

Michaela said...

I'm addicted, too! And blogger being down was not okay!!! Happy birthday to your friend!

Michelle said...

Hi flower, your blog is really cool! Amazing posts! I just love it and I'm following! I hope you visit me and follow mine too.

Michelle Duarte fashion designer from Brazil.

Julie said...

Fun facts! Thanks for sharing!!! Yes, blogger being down was not good.

TV's Take said...

Thanks for the follow. Now following you back. Cute pics and looking forward to hearing about Friday the 13th!