Monday, May 23, 2011

#13 Try a martini

Why do weekends fly by? I think that they are just far too short. M and I didn't get to making homemade mozz stick this weekend, but I'm sure we will soon. We decided to be social instead. Anyways, Monday morning came way too quickly, and I thought a post about my very first "classic" martini would be appropriate.
          I've always been enamored with people who drink martinis. Maybe it's the glass. Maybe it is the particular way that the drink is ordered, but at least I wanted to try one for myself. I have had my fair share of Cosmopolitans, but I wanted something classic. What better time to try a martini than with M and his aunt for Saturday evening cocktails before some delicious pizza?
          Off we went to Gabriele's, formerly Luca's, for some drinks and yummy sausage bread. M and Moy (M's aunt) ordered their drinks, and I decided on a dirty vodka martini with three olives. From my first sip to my last, I winced every time I drank it. For someone who has grown to love olives, I did not enjoy this martini. I tried my hardest to finish the whole drink, but even Moy had had enough and made me stop.
          Why didn't I like it? The martini tasted like I had swallowed the water from Long Island sound when swimming on a hot summer day. All that differed was that it was in a pretty glass and some vodka seemed to be mixed in. Will I be trying another dirty martini? Probably not. But will I try a different kind of martini? Definitely!
           Thank you M and Moy for being apart of #13 on my list!


Natalie said...

I know true martinis...especially those made with gin...are so hard to drink. We are spoiled with our cocktail martinis for sure! Happy Monday!

Ashleigh said...

I'm actually not much of a martini person...every time I order it's hit or miss. Red wine is much easier for me :)
P.S. Why is that Monday comes 'round so fast??Every darn time!! ;)

The Sweet Life said...

haha I forget what kind of martini i like...dry or dirty, but I love which ever one has lots of olive juice. Happy MOnday.

Deidre said...

Eek! That description definitely has me turned off ordering a martini! Good for you for sticking with it though.